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Here are a set of videos of my new Virginia life. 

(Sorry if they don't look very professional, I'm new to the technology.)

Download Patience!  Under Internet Explorer, you won't see any indication of progress other than this symbol in the lower left side of the browser.


The files below will take 30 seconds to 3-4 minutes on HIGH SPEED connections. Don't try it with a dial-up connection. 

Under Netscape you'll see "Loading" on the tab in the upper left, then a Q for QuickTime in the center of your screen. 


The first is a brief clip of Woodbridge Church (and my new job there; i.e. Power Point Guy).

http://meridian.evac.ou.edu/classes/johnstuff/WoodBridgeChurch.MPG   3mb


The Brittany Videos will soon be retired since I've moved to the Kingsport Apartments.
New videos will be put online as soon as I set the place up a bit more. 

The next five are segments of a trip from the parking lot up to my apartment and through the place.

*Caution, I accidentally caught a cat using her pan in the "Part 2 inside the apartment" video.  Parental discretion is advised.*

From Parking Lot to Elevator at home (The Brittany)  4.8mb

An overly exciting (not really) trip to the elevator(s)  2.5mb

Up the stinky elevator to the 6th floor  3.2mb

Part 1 inside the apartment  9.5mb

Part 2 inside the apartment  33mb!!

A restful scan of  the balcony vista    8mb


1600 Wilson Blvd... The Street Level View  5.5mb

From Parking Lot  to Elevator at work3mb 

A tour of the 9th floor office suite 901   13mb

Thanks for visiting.  I'll add other interesting clips as time goes on...(The Four Mile Run Trail, etc.).

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