Astronomy Night

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Astronomy night number 57:  

When Sunday May 15, 2022
at       8:30-11pm 

Weather (tonight): High 80, Low 46, A  few clouds (cloud cover 20% in the daytime), 
2% chance of daytime showers with a Trace of rain, 2% chance of night time showers, cloud cover 3% 
Temperatures should be 66F at the time of mid-eclipse.

Telescopes will be provided.  Bring Binoculars if you like!

Where: 507 Cherrywood Dr. Longmont CO

You may text and request info on weather impacts if you wish: 720-378-2771 - I will update this page and status report below:

    Status: This even is currently- Still ON

What:  Featuring:
A total eclipse of the Moon

Sunset 8:08 pm, Nautical Twilight  9:16 pm, Astronomical Twilight 9:58pm

Eclipse details for YOUR location (based on what is reported by your browser). 


(12 days out) Fairly Clear conditions expected. Check back later!


This will change, keep checking back!

(You may check my sources below.  They are best checked starting Friday the 13th)

The Accuweather forecast for then is  here   
(Click on "Get Details" then on "Hourly Weather" for this night)
or Weather Underground forecast is here (go to hourly on this date)
go to the Clear Sky Clock or
or try the UCAR RUC forecast : tonight's cloud cover (best after 3pm) ONLY  see:   UCAR - RUC Cloud Forecast Loop 
We are interested in the 0300 UTC frame (with tomorrows date on it). Shading is bad skies. 
If the 0300 UTC frame isn't there yet, try back later in the's only created 12 hours in advance.
or even the National Weather Service 
(hover mouse over Sky Cover times- move forward +12 hours if the evening is not shown yet)

If cloudy come back November 8th, 2022: 
The next eclipse visible in this area will occur Tuesday  Morning, Nov 8th, 2:09 to 5:50am.
 Who:   Operated by John Ensworth,   



Additional LINKS to Astronomy Resources

The forecasts below are  provided by 



Home of The Little Thompson Observatory, a public observatory.  (9mi N. of our home)


A private observatory in Firestone. (9mi SE of our home)


Future observatory site of the Northern Colorado Astronomical Society.  (13 miles NW of our home)




Other Clear Sky Clocks for Places I like to observe:

Black Mesa Oklahoma 


 Camp Creek, Arizona  (NE of Carefree/Cave Creek)


A nearby observatory, Camp Creek (8miles to the southwest of C.C.)

Oklahoma City

  And places of the past:

The forecasts below are  provided by  
Washington D.C. / near Arlington, Virginia

The Analemma Society Observatory Park /
Great Falls, Virginia

A county park and recreation facility used as an observing site by the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club. In Midland.