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Jason Burnfield and I ran in the Chicago Marathon  ( www.chicagomarathon.com ) Oct 13th.  He is a cancer survivor so we also  ran for the American Cancer Society.  We raised over $1000 for our part.  If you want to donate, please go to his web site at the ACS:  
We completed the marathon in 5hours 1minute 11seconds.  I placed 25,587th out of 37,500 and he placed 25,586th. 
You can check our results by NAME AT the RACE RESULTS (wherever the links shows up) at www.chicagomarathon.com  John Ensworth (Bib #8083) &  Jason Burnfield.

I didn't get the job at  The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. , thanks for rootin' for me! 

Check here for 'Chauncy' (The First Suit of Armor)  Web Page   Sold!

The Gospel in the Stars (The Bible and Astrology) Notes updated 12/18/2000
Here is a zipped up QuickTime movie of the triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in 7 B.C. that might have been the Star of Bethlehem. (Created by myself using Starry Night Pro). It runs for 1.5 years from late 8 B.C. to early 6 B.C. . Download it here   (4.7mb download - will be 12mb when unzipped)

My 'Merry Christmas Christmas Card '  (now a bit out of date) --->  is HERE!

Mid-American Bible College Meteorology Syllabus, Notes and Links    updated 12/3/2000

Mid-America Bible College Astronomy Syllabus &  Notes  


Scott Shideler and I ran the Chicago Marathon on Oct 22nd, 2000 (7:30am -11:30am CT). - check out the results on the  web here (enter our names to see the times we cross the 10K, 1/2 way, 30K  and finish line. Chipfinal is my actual run time (it takes time to get to the START line!)).   My bib number is #30004. ( My time last year was 5 hours 2 minutes.  Scott had the end of the flu and a staph/strep infection still clearing out on race day and could not finish- but he was strong for almost half of the race!  He ran with me and launched me at a terrific pace

Why is John a Christian?   *updated 5/11/99

Bridgway House Church March/April/May Apologetics Notes *updated 5/8/00 (i'll get back to this someday!)