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All more current videos are now posted at the LTO YouTube Site


Tides -  Little Thompson Observatory 6/21/2013 *

Full Video  558 mb .wmv 


Space Weather -  Little Thompson Observatory 5/17/2013 *

Full Video  616 mb .wmv 


Getting Ready to Fly in Space -  Little Thompson Observatory 4/19/2013 *

Full Video  661 mb .wmv 


Astrophotography with Scott Kindt -  Little Thompson Observatory 3/15/2013 *

Full Video  546 mb .wmv 


Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays, Dr. Pablo Bauleo -  Little Thompson Observatory 2/15/2013

Full Video  712mb .wmv 


3D astro imagery (canceled due to injury)   in it's place Astronomy Apps for iPhone/iPad/smart devices 
 Little Thompson Observatory 1/18/2013

Not recorded due to interactive nature of presentation. IOS App Favorites List
As a bonus you may also download:  John's favorite Book and Software List


The Star of Wonder -  Little Thompson Observatory 6/15/2012

Audio missing - see last year's presentation:   Part 1  340mb  Part 2 54mb


Time Travel: Fiction and Fact -  Little Thompson Observatory 11/16/2012  updated October 2014 at the Estes Park Memorial Observatory.

Full Video:  1GB wmv format


Bringing the Night Sky Down to Earth -  Little Thompson Observatory 10/19/2012  *

Full Video:  846mb 


2012 Doomsday or Hoax?-  Little Thompson Observatory 9/21/2012

Not in John's Archive 


Recent surveys of the Galactic Plane with the Herschel Space Observatory -  Little Thompson Observatory 8/17/2012

Not in John's Archive 

LTO is closed in July

What Time Is It?  Timekeeping in Ancience and Modern Astronomy -  Little Thompson Observatory 6/15/2012 *

Full Video:  624mb 

Neptune -  Little Thompson Observatory 5/18/2012 *

Full Video: 550mb 

Deep Impact Mission to Comet Tempel 1 -  Little Thompson Observatory 4/20/2012

 Full Video: 770mb 

Nation's Newest Weather Satelllite -  Little Thompson Observatory 3/16/2012

Part 1  313mb  Part 2 341mb Part 3 230b

Light Pollution -  Little Thompson Observatory 2/17/2012

Video  248mb  

3D Aurora, Comets and more -  Little Thompson Observatory 1/20/2012

Part 1  233mb  Part 2 255mb

The Star of Wonder (JE) -  Little Thompson Observatory 12/23/2011

Part 1  340mb  Part 2 54mb

Are We Alone (JE) -  Little Thompson Observatory 12/16/2011

Part 1 330mb  Part 2 325mb

Lakota Sky Presentation/Ceremony -  Little Thompson Observatory 11/18/2011

 (Now in wmv video format, but please still use high speed internet)

Part 1   312mb   1st 33 minutes

 Part 2    222mb    last 20 minutes + start of greeting

Part 3   180mb   20 minutes, end of greeting

An enhanced version will be produced in the weeks to month to come. Audio level is very low (but the best we could do). 

Theories of Everything (JE) - Little Thompson Observatory - August and September 2011

Part 1 (August)  Section: Part 1   595 mb   Part 2   370mb    Power Point 
(For this first month - these recordings came from two different cameras and are rather large.)

Part 2 (September)  Section:  Video  2 GB    Power Point


The Gospel in the Stars (JE)  Talk at Summit Church - May 2011  

Audio Recording    Mp3 file               

PowerPoint File  (If you are using IE - right click and save the file before opening)
(You may page through the powerpoint as the audio plays from above.)