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What's New? [ December 17, 2023 ]

The Aunt Nancy Cookie Count = 835  batches (containing the 92,685th cookie) since Dec 1991. 
The latest  batch was made 12/17/2023 for the the RCHS DC Algebra class.
Aunt Nancy Cookie Ver. 2.0 started 8/26/2018 from Disney World research.  Cookie batch 11 containing the 1,332nd cookie unit baked 12/18/2018 for the LTO Christmas Party
Our New HOME in Longmont, CO (going on 7 years in 2017).

Archives for our  former Kinship  that met in our house for 2 1/2 years.

Our former house in Springfield VA.

Kathy and I were "SO" married August 13th, 2005!!! 
Check out the Wedding page

Special: Cherry Blossom Movies and Image 
Fireworks Part 1  2  3 (Quicktime movies: 27mb, 44mb, 49mb)
Panorama (jpg: 1.5mb)

My Northern VA Web Cam page. 

NEW!  Video Clips of my life in Virginia.

I have been hired to work for The IGES in Arlington, VA.
I'm  gone from Oklahoma and out of the PhD run (no gold for me). 
 Thanks for the fun this last decade!


I have a job at the IGES starting May 20th,2004.  This site will stay intact and reflect my new life on the East Coast!


Jan 2004, BIG updates to the Christian Articles section, an update to the main page graphic making a more general link to Gospel items, navigation tweaks and fixes,  addition of a TON of astronomical links, restoration of a lot of class web sites and power point material. 

The Norman House Church Page

Jason Burnfield and I ran in the Chicago Marathon  ( www.chicagomarathon.com ) Oct 13th 2002.  He is a cancer survivor so we also  ran for the American Cancer Society.  We raised over $1000 for our part.  If you want to donate, please go to his web site at the ACS:  
We completed the marathon in 5hours 1minute 11seconds.  I placed 25,587th out of 37,500 and he placed 25,586th. 
You can check our results by NAME AT the RACE RESULTS (wherever the links shows up) at www.chicagomarathon.com  John Ensworth (Bib #8083) &  Jason Burnfield.

Click here for Mid-America Bible College Weather Class Stuff


I ran the Chicago Marathon October 7th, 2001. You can check it out at www.chicagomarathon.com  or on race day see my progress or even sign up to get emails sent as I make it through the course by going to: http://results.doitsports.com/lasalle2001/  and enter ensworth. Scott Shideler joined me for the last 40% and kept me encouraged.  I had a cold that ruined my ability to do the desired 3:30 time (or sub 4 hour) and almost kept me from finishing (bad leg cramps).  Thanks Scott!

I was suited up again on Saturday Apr 6th, 2002 at the Medieval Fair . (even though it rained)
Check out the Baladar Page.  Dedicated to my New (and wearable) Suit of Armor ............... (Another picture just added)
                                                                                                  Updated April 16,2001    click here

Jeff Hall Download

Mark's  Download : 
Version  two.seven.three  1   2   3   print  skins  skins2  skins3 skins4
Version  three.oh.oh   1   2   3   (print and skins unchanged) 

Unzip part  two.seven.three (and addons) into a directory, then unzip three.oh.oh RIGHT ON TOP!
Hand make a shortcut to the pc???.jar file and copy it to your desktop. 
Make sure you have the latest version of runtime JAVA from  http://java.sun.com/j2se/ 
Then you're ready to rock!


Updated 9/12/2002
ETools Expanded Directory Download  (Alex) 22mb   updated 9/12.  This version will not erase your title graphic.  Make a copy of your ETools directory and unzip this on top of your existing one.  You will have ALL the data below included.  If you want to pick and choose, use the following:
* The Raw Data files are all zipped here (10.3mb).  The .xml files are installed using e-helper, the other files are to be placed under the User directory in the appropriate folders (.rac for race, .tbl for tables, .mon for monsters  etc.).   If you install the 22mb etools directory, you get these already installed (all at once). The e-helper program is also included in one of the download directories (you can manage the database yourself).

My Professional Résumé and Vita  updated 4/25/2004

for old times sake....

Click for Norman, Oklahoma Forecast    SoM Wx Roundup